For Sale:  Plenty of something vintage for everyone!

Clothing, shoes, bags, hats, scarves....ladies, mens and unisex...all the accessories you can think of.

Aprons, tablecloths, fabric, blankets, bedspreads...a useful range of all manchester, haberdashery, linen.

Lamps, mirrors, pictures, kitchenware, furniture....all your homemaking and decorating needs.

Mobile 0403002243. Leave a message and I will always call you back.

Ask about a multiple purchase discount if you saw this site!

I am on FACEBOOK so if there's anything you like here or there, send me a message for more info. I am happy to post most items if possible.

Come on in and see what unusual items you can find at a very fair price!

And don't forget about Mitchell Road's layby option.


For sale: A great choice of decorator items and collectibles.

I always have a range of lamps, bedroom and bathroom decor, kitchenalia and general homewares. I include those collectible things that make your life fun & meaningful.

Prices vary, but I have things from as little as $2.


For sale: A forever popular selection of multicoloured vintage hand crochet and knitted rugs, bedspreads and blankets.

These are brilliant for decorating to give colour and texture. A similar rug in standard white can create a traditional calm atmosphere.

Great over the knees when at the TV or computer. Great on the lounge or bed doubling up as a cover or useful as a shawl at a festival.

I always have a range of colour ways and sizes, in wool or acrylic.

Prices range from about $20, but are usually around $50. This is great value considering cost of yarn and your time if you had to make one yourself!

For sale: Interesting pictures, prints, original wall art and craft.

For Sale: A diverse range of vintage mens and ladies shoes.

These colourful shoes are only a small sample of what Down to Earth Vintage has on offer. There is a diverse range of ankle boots, full length boots, brogues, low and high heels, sandals, casual shoes as well as dress shoes.

Down to Earth Vintage loves vintage shoes for many reasons. Besides that it's fantastic they are still here, vintage shoes are almost always better made than those of recent times. The leather was not lined with a synthetic as they are today. I have recently seen the opposite in new shoes, where the inside is leather but the outside is synthetic. The sweaty foot issue will still be the same though--your skin will not breathe.

Come in, have a look, have a feel and try for yourself. Then you too can see why they are so popular!

Prices start from a low $15-25 for a basic shoe but most are in the $40-120 range. You will not find great quality leather today like most of these are made of!

For sale: A good range of vintage belts.

Vintage belts are so different to the ones you find today. Made of good solid leather, (not reconstituted) they lasted longer and created genuine character to your outfit.

The 60s/70s tooled belts are always sought after and I always have these in stock.

I also have a range of ties, from 50s thin to 70s wide to 90s graphic. 

Prices start at about $10 to $25.

For sale: Always a range of cushions in stock.

Good interesting cushions can be hard to find but when you do they can "make" your sofa or bedroom. And a cushion to fill the curve in your back is great for alleviating back strain. Look for my cushions that are double sided-have you noticed many patterned cushions of today have the pattern only on one side?

Vintage or retro cushions add a unique down to earth feel impossible to reproduce with new ones.

Mine start at about $10 and rarely go over $30.

For sale: Travel bags, overnight bags, satchels, beauty cases, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, school cases, shopping totes, slouchy and bucket bags.

These are a favourite among so many people and someone always needs one. To get the individual look nothing beats a vintage or retro bag, and their quality, whether leather or vinyl, is impossible to find new.

Prices range and depends on many things such as condition, colour, material, style, size, rarity and demand at the time. 

For Sale: Vintage and retro clothing galore! Mens, womens or make them unisex.

Mostly from the 50s to the 90s, and some designer, the stock is clean, in good condition and ranges from classic to funky to grunge. The focus is on quality so take note when you are browsing how even 90s items were made comparatively well with quality fabric and lasting stitching.

A spacious change room with large mirrors is at Mitchell Road for your convenience.

Approximate prices are about $30-60 for jumpers, $15-40 for tops/blouses/shirts, same for skirts, $20-50 for trousers, $50-80 for suits, $40-90 for dresses. Leather-wear from $40. Jackets/coats from $35. Anything 50s is slightly more expensive especially if in very good condition. Anything unusual, brilliant quality or designer label the same applies.

Set your own trends with one off vintage clothing pieces!

 For Sale: Aprons, tea towels, tea cosies, pot holders, curtains, doyleys, tablecloths, haberdashery and all those other bits and pieces.

The older aprons were often hand made, so you can get the most amazing insight into the life of a lady from the era. They sewed and cooked and cleaned...and an apron was both practical and a dress up piece to have fun with. The smocking on the red apron is intricate and perfectly done. Bravo to them...however, an apron today is still just as useful!